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Well-working Coaching
for Schools;
50% More Offer

Are you looking to provide personal development and wellbeing support to more team members for less? 


Our 50% More Offer delivers personalised, well-working coaching for the rest of the academic year to more of your staff, for less of your budget!


Which in turn creates more, meaningful impact on wider teams, school children, parents and communities.

Take Advantage of our 50% Reduced Rate,
Well-working Coaching Offer:

  • Half-termly, online, 1-2-1 personal leadership and wellbeing coaching 

  • Available to all school leaders and staff

  • Each staff member receives x1 online coaching session per half term, a total of x4 sessions each for the remainder of the academic year

  • Coaching starts January 2024 through to July 2024 (sessions are non-transferable)

  • Easy to access booking schedule and access to online tools and worksheets

  • Book by 15 December to secure session availability

School classroom

59% of the world’s workforce are quietly looking to quit"
“Employee stress is impacting productivity and performance. Addressing wellbeing concerns and improving engagement should be top priorities for leaders.”

Gallup State of the Global Workplace Report 2023

Select Your Coaching Offer 


Staff Members

2 Staff Member

£ 499


Price includes four sessions per person

Price is total cost for two staff


Staff Members

4 Staff Member

£ 899

Price includes four sessions per person

Price is total cost for four staff

8 Staff Member

£ 1,599

Price includes four sessions per person

Price is total cost for eight staff


Staff Members

Book Offer


Optimise Budget & Resources

Provide time, space & sustainable expert coaching to support real-time outputs, personal, team and organisational outcomes

Align to your Wellbeing Strategy

Align with values, key indicators, staff appraisals & create a school-wide approach to improve performance

Support Staff Wellbeing & Belonging

Offer consistent coaching connection to increase self-awareness, personal and professional fulfilment

Improve Awareness & Engagement

Identify personal and professional challenges, develop goals, and implement solutions-focused actions and behaviours

Enhance Team & Organisational Relationships

Develop Behavioural Change techniques, improve communication and interpersonal management skills to build and maintain positive relationships

All Hands In

"Wellworking is achieved when all wellbeing drivers of Certainty, Competence, Autonomy, Belonging and Purpose are balanced."

"Coaching can positively impact all wellbeing drivers."

MindGym Wellworking Coaching Whitepaper 2023

Raising Hands

Yes Please to 50% More 

Personal Leadership Coaching

“My sessions with Beth were immensely helpful. She guided me through my thought processes in order to achieve clarity on future plans. We then devised a route to reach these goals, broken down into manageable action points within a timeline which was achievable but also maintained momentum.” 

School Wellbeing Coaching

"I cannot recommend Beth highly enough, the process of working together has been completely transformational.”  

Headteacher Coaching

"The support and guidance offered throughout my sessions have meant I have not only returned successfully but with a renewed drive and passion for my role. My toolkit of self-help strategies is now full to the brim."

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