About Beth

Elevating holistic coaching and wellbeing as an integral component of business, work and personal growth, Beth Wheeler is a professional business and life coach, facilitator and wellbeing practitioner. 


" My passion and belief is that positive change is achievable for each of us. Our energy, thoughts and behaviours are integral to our growth and success in all aspects of our lives.


Developing awareness and insight across these areas enhances our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as we navigate life’s constant cycle of transformation.

Working with individuals and businesses, whether it be in a board room, class room or home environment, and seeing first hand how integrative and holistic coaching positively makes a difference is truly inspiring.

Wheel Coaching is an amalgamation of my skills and experience of working in international corporate environments, practising as a professional coach and strategy consultant, my life-changing and humbling learnings as a student and teacher of yoga & meditation and my absolute love of travel, engaging with people and living fully."

Founder of Wheel Coaching, a conduit for accessible holistic and integrative change, Beth helps businesses, education providers and individuals transform, succeed and thrive.

Beth has
 over 20 years experience in developing and implementing successful multi-faceted, international business strategies and ten years in the professional and personal development space delivering business strategy consulting, coaching and wellbeing programmes. She holds a BA Hons, Dip Prof Coaching, APM1, Leadership & Dynamic People Management Cert, Coaching in Education Cert, Mentorship Cert, YA200 and Senior Yoga Cert.

Beth is also a Course Manager and Mentor with The Coaching Academy, a member of the ICF and an Associate Consultant Coach with Harper's Management Consultancy.