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Coaching within Education
Leadership and Well-being Coaching Programmes for Schools, Colleges, and Universities 

Teenage Students Raising Hands

Empower your leaders to confidently apply behaviours and skillsets to effectively develop and lead:

o  Strategy & Projects


o  Strong, Cohesive Teams

o  Behaviour Change & Conflict Resolution

Supporting leaders to thrive in both work and personal leadership capacities.​


Coaching Programmes and Inset Day Workshops equip leaders, teams, and whole settings with behaviours, skills, and strategies to confidently lead from a place of authenticity and collaboration,  implement actionable change, and enhance performance.

Blended training and coaching programmes are tailored to your needs and have the added advantage of coaching your staff through real-time change and live project implementation whilst simultaneously delivering leadership skills training, inspiring mindset and behaviour change, and supporting well-being.


Team Meeting




Applying Effective & Confident Leadership


Team Leadership;

Confident Collaboration vs Conflict


Well-being & Self-regulation;

Enhancing our Human Experience

Post- it notes

What’s included:

  • Scope Session and Programme Agreement

  • Introductory Session

  • Four online or in-person coaching sessions

  • Four online training module sessions

  • DISC leadership and behaviour profile

  • Exercises, tools, worksheets, and roadmap

  • Online resources toolkit

  • Evaluation review


Who is this for?

  • Headteachers, SLT, teaching staff, SENCO, office managers, support staff

  • Individuals and teams

doing work together

What’s included:

  • Scope Session and Programme Agreement

  • Half or full-day workshop

  • Online or in-person options

  • Bespoke content, exercises, tools and workbooks

  • Online resources toolkit

  • Evaluation review

Optional Inclusions: 

  • DISC leadership and behaviour profiles 

  • Ongoing coaching for key staff to support implementation

Who is this for?

  • Headteachers, SLT, teaching staff, SENCO, office managers, support staff

  • SLT, school teams, whole settings



Behaviour Change & Conflict Resolution;

Building Awareness and Relationships


Teachers as Leaders;

Applying Effective Leadership

Strategy & Project Management;

Development and Implementation

Coaching Skills for Staff;

A Positive & Empowering Approach

Well-working & Well-being Coaching;

Enhancing our Human Experience 



Wellness and self-regulation training 


Wellness Workshops

Meeting the challenges of modern life; workshops that equip staff with tools and techniques to bring balance, self-regulation, focus, and calm.


Sessions incorporate a combination of:

  • Mindfulness

  • Conscious Breath Work

  • Somatic Movement

  • Positive Psychology

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming


Training to deliver Yoga to Children

Supporting in-classroom behaviours


Equipping and training your teachers to deliver therapeutic effects of yoga, mindfulness, breathing tools, and self-regulation techniques in classrooms.


What is this great for?

  • Developing self regulation, positive behaviour habits, growth mindset, and confidence

  • Up-skilling teams to deliver tools and techniques in classrooms

  • Supporting in-classroom behaviours

  • Transforming anxiety into self-agency

What’s included:

  • Scope Session and Programme Agreement

  • Two x 90-minute, in-person, group sessions

  • Equipment and props

  • Bespoke content, exercises, tools and workbook

  • Online resources 

  • Evaluation review

Who is this for?

  • Staff teams and whole settings

  • Wellness Workshops can be adapted for pupils


What is this great for?

  • Developing self-regulation, positive behaviour habits, growth mindset, and confidence

  • Empowering children with positive life skills

  • Transforming anxiety into self-agency and focus

  • Supporting in-classroom behaviours and performance

What’s included:

  • Student programmes to suit your setting

  • 30 to 45 minute pupil coaching sessions 

  • Worksheets, tools, and exercises

  • Online resources 

Who is this for?

  • Pupils

  • Individuals or groups


Equipping students with awareness, tools, strategies, and skills to transform thinking and behaviours.


Well-being & Self-Regulation Coaching;

Overcoming overwhelm and transforming anxiety into action

Life Coaching;

Confidence and self-leadership at whatever age and life stage you are at


Self-Leadership & Career Coaching;

Transitioning to the world of work

How Can We Help Your School?

Add incredible value to your current staff learning and development and align coaching objectives to your school projects and strategies


Optimise Budget & Resources

Provide time, space & sustainable expert coaching to support real-time outputs, personal, team, and organisational outcomes

Align to your School's Strategy

Align with values, key indicators, staff appraisals & create a school-wide approach to improve performance

Support Staff Well-being & Belonging

Offer consistent coaching connection to increase self-awareness, personal well-being, and professional fulfilment

Improve Awareness & Engagement

Identify personal and professional challenges, develop goals, and implement solutions-focused actions and behaviours

Enhance Team & Organisational Relationships

Develop Behavioural Change techniques and  improve communication and interpersonal skills to build and maintain positive relationships

National Flower

Be a Change Catalyst

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Classroom Lecture

Headteacher, SENCO & Mental Health Lead | North Hertfordshire

 “Our group wellbeing sessions were particularly valuable during the Pandemic and when staff vulnerability was high.


The programme helped enhance the team’s empathy with one another’s shared challenges and the importance of listening”.

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