Welcome to Warming Winter Yoga Flows


I'll be sharing five-weeks of warming vinyasa sequences and yoga practices to enhance our pranic flow and energy this winter season whilst also inviting the embodiment of 'being the warmth' through all we do in body, mind and heart.

Starting Monday 10 January to Friday 11 February
Mondays 8.15am = 40 minute warming vinyasa flow
Fridays 8.15am = 40 minute sun salutations & flow

Tuesdays from 11 January to 8 February 9.30-10.30am
Wednesdays from 12 January to 9 February 9.30-10.30am

Maximum 4 people (subject to availability)

Yoga Mats

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Includes x2 live online weekly classes, recordings and x1 in-person weekly session (either Tuesday or Wednesday)



Includes x2 live online weekly classes and recordings



Includes x1 in-person weekly session (either Tuesday or Wednesday)

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NOTE: In-person yoga session spaces are limited. I will endeavour to provide space for all where feasible.

Thank you for booking Warming Winter Flow Yoga Sessions.I look forward to seeing you soon. Namaste.