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Celebrating all things June - sunshine, warmth, roses and strawberries!

This month will explore the 'eight limbs of yoga' as a guided journey for the mind, body and soul and as practices to support our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

We will move, breathe and invite a mindful, deeper connection to our own energy for optimal health.

Starting Monday 1 June, through to Friday 26 June, 2020, join me from the comfort of your home space or garden for live sessions!

Sunshine Sessions:

Unlimited Yoga this June

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 16.38.57.png
  • Over 20 live sessions throughout June

  • A variety of yoga sessions and times Monday to Friday to suit beginner and intermediate

  • Access for ALL your household (pets included)

  • You can attend as little or as often as you like

  • A weekly email with supportive meditation, pranayama or coaching tools and techniques

  • Two recorded yoga sessions each week so you can repeat or catch up in your own time

  • NEW! Access to all uploaded recordings and coach tools from our May Sessions

  • Free for NHS workers

"Is this for Me?"


The June sessions will invite us to explore Patanjali's eight limbs of yoga incorporating yoga philosophy, movement, breath work and meditation to apply to our daily lives and support optimal health.


Suitable for beginners and intermediate yogis, the sessions will invite you to connect to your energy, move in-sync with nature and embrace the summer month of June.

The month-long immersion aims to support and help us to:

  • Stay on track with our wellbeing

  • Gain flexibility, strength and mobility

  • Enhance our understanding of key postures

  • Deepen our home / self-practice

  • Implement health-giving breathing techniques 

  • Create space for our minds

  • Understand key foundations of yoga

  • Encourage self-enquiry

  • Gain insight and apply our learning

  • Shift our thinking & neural pathways

  • Develop awareness to manage our state

  • Stay connected to others and our true nature


June Weekly Schedule

Live sessions from

Monday 1 June - Friday 26 June:



6.30pm - HATHA YOGA & RESTORATIVE ASANA (60mins) - Suitable for beginners & upwards


8.30am - GENTLE YOGA FLOW (45mins) - Suitable for beginners & upwards


9.15am -  VINYASA YOGA FLOW (45mins) - Intermediate & suitable for strong beginners 


 6.30pm - GENTLE YOGA FLOW WITH GUIDED RELAXATION (60mins) - All levels


 8.00am - YOGA SUN SALUTATIONS (30mins) - Intermediate & suitable for strong beginners

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