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March Momentum

With 2020 truly established and Spring arriving, it might ordinarily be a great time to capitalise on momentum and move forward with strength and energy into the next season and quarterly business phase. In this current climate of uncertainty, taking time to check in, reflect and revisit plans & goals seems even more pertinent.

Taking a moment to pause, review and re-focus can help keep us on track with our goals, actions and general wellbeing in spite of obstacles or external forces - whether this be with our personal goals or business plans.

Look to what is within our control. Take time to consider successes to date, efficiencies that can be enhanced, pragmatic changes or contingencies that need to be put in place and even new opportunities that might now exist. Establish the next priorities that will help maintain momentum and continue taking action towards goals, albeit perhaps via an alternative route.

Maintaining your Momentum Mojo

Creating momentum does mean we have to keep going but it doesn't have to be uphill.

Focus on inputs and tracking actions rather than their outcomes. With each positive action taken, a positive reaction occurs, helping us to establish new neural pathways and day-to-day habits that create cumulative growth, achievement and positivity. Momentum then builds its own, enlightening energy.

So get back to that activity planner, wish-list, goal sheet or vision board and revisit it. Then take action. It doesn't have to be big - as Tony Robbins asks "What simple action could you take today to produce a new momentum toward success?"

Try these simple steps:

  1. List what has worked well so far no matter how big or small the result and celebrate these

  2. Revisit plans, review, research, seek advice and realign accordingly

  3. Prioritise the most important projects

  4. Set targets for the number of focused actions not their outcomes

  5. Take it step by step and choose one thing to do each day that involves working towards the goal

  6. Think Mind, Body, Breath - stay focused, breathe deeply, nourish and move your body to maintain your wellbeing and fuel your Momentum Mojo at work and in your personal life.

Be well.


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