Wheel Coaching delivers coaching and training services for businesses, education providers and individuals seeking to successfully navigate change.

We all respond to change differently. Our 'coaching through change' speciality areas support the organisational, leadership, professional and personal wellbeing dynamics of change.


Blended coaching and training programmes build awareness, skills and strategies for organisations and individuals to navigate change, positively transform, achieve growth and make a difference in this lifetime.


At the heart of what we do is an emphasis on relationship, behaviours and wellbeing

– be it personal, team, cultural or organisational.


If you are ready to implement change and want to know more about how we can help, book a discovery call.

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Change is the only constant in life” 

~  Heraclitus


Personal Leadership

Strategy Development




“77% of HR leaders report their organisation is in a constant state of change”. ICF




We work with business teams and individuals to manage effective change across three key areas that impact results:


Strategy Development 

ensuring your roadmap through change is focused, efficient and aligned


Leadership & Performance

nurturing & empowering new, transitioning and emerging leaders through these change stages

- supporting leaders to successfully navigate, manage and lead through organisational change


Wellbeing Services

supporting workplace wellbeing and enhancing resilience, productivity and engagement


Industry experience includes professional services, education, wellness, hospitality, airline, travel and transport in both local and international markets.


The 2019/20 UK Labour Force Survey, identified teaching professionals as showing higher levels of stress as compared to all jobs.




We work with senior leadership teams, practitioners and students to bring commercial expertise, professional growth and mental health & wellbeing programmes, workshops and placements:


Strategy Development

- facilitation for senior leadership teams


Personal Leadership Development

- to nurture professional growth and succession planning 

Wellbeing and Life Coaching

- programmes to support teacher, staff and student health and work/life balance


Youth Impact Coaching

We support youths in transition at key life stages where anxiety and overwhelm can build, including exams, career and university transitions.


  • Student life coaching – figuring it all out

  • Student life skills – preparing for independence

  • Student careers – transitioning to the workplace

  • Youth wellbeing – overcoming overwhelm and anxiety, step-by-step, with manageable tools, techniques and actionable plans




Our partnership approach offers you space to navigate key transition phases with confidence and authenticity, empowering you to make progress and move forward. Our expertise includes:

Life Coaching

- implement holistic, positive change and growth

Confidence Coaching

– build the beliefs and skills to thrive

Health and Emotional Wellbeing

- overcome overwhelm and develop tools to move through anxiety

Career and Business  

- take control of your future professional and business growth

Returning to Work

– navigate the transition with renewed confidence, skills and positive mindset

“Coaching is ideal if you’re feeling stuck and want to make a change. A coach can help you reach goals in almost all areas of your life”. Life Coach Directory




Select from our strategy, leadership & professional development and wellbeing coach training programmes to suit your organisational or individual situation


We work with organisations to manage and grow through change – from educational institutions and small businesses to large, matrix structured and international organisations.

Our partnership, yet objective, approach helps cut through complexity, break down pain points to effective growth and facilitate teams to motivate, collaborate, define and build effective roadmaps and synergies. 


Strategy Development programmes utilise a core framework encompassing research to clarify insights, needs and priorities; focussed strategic planning for efficiency and; collaborative implementation to optimise results.

All programmes and modules are tailored to suit your organisation and give you the advantage of producing your strategy whilst simultaneously coaching and training your teams.

Business Strategy Development

Marketing Strategy Development

Leadership Strategy Development

“This [strategy development] process was eye opening… to have all departments work together to break down our silos.


The collaboration was exceptional, and the visibility across the departments in a strategic exercise like this helped the business move forward together”.




“Previously coaching was considered a luxury available only to senior leaders. Now it has transformed into being a significant contribution to the success of an organisation in which all stakeholders can participate”. ICF Coach Industry Trends, 2021


We believe personal leadership development is a key component of growth and success in life and work for everyone.


We offer accessible coaching and training programmes for new, emerging and existing managers and leaders at all levels and stages of work and career.

Our framework utilises tools and strategies to enhance knowledge and skills development whilst raising awareness and enriching behaviours to equip you to lead from a place of relationship and thrive in both your work and personal leadership capacities.

By aligning your learning, development and performance needs to specific real-time work, career and life transitions, our tailored programmes and modules deliver the advantage of direct implementation, efficiencies and engagement.

Personal Leadership Development

DISC Profiling Leadership Workshops

Career & Professional Development

On-boarding Leaders - new roles & return-to-work readiness

“[The leadership programme] helped me rediscover my passion and confidence and supported me with strategies for success. I feel confident to tackle everything life throws at me with a positive solution focused mindset.”

Personal Leadership & Professional Development Coaching | UK


Wellbeing Coaching

Emotional Wellbeing & Resilience

Coaching through Overwhelm & Anxiety

Life Coaching

In 2019/20 stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 51% of all work-related ill health cases and 55% of all working days lost due to work-related ill health according to the Labour Force Survey UK. 

Our passion is to place relationship and wellbeing at the heart of personal, work and business lives.

Balanced mental, emotional and physical wellbeing underpins our ability to lead healthy and fulfilled lives, which informs and drives positive growth, resilience, self-esteem and success.

We work with individuals and work places to provide information, awareness, understanding and skills to manage and implement positive, holistic wellbeing strategies and behaviours.

Our individual and workplace wellbeing programmes and modules are tailored to support your unique circumstances.

 “Our group wellbeing sessions were particularly valuable during the Pandemic and when staff vulnerability was high.


[The programme] helped enhance the team’s empathy with one another’s shared challenges and the importance of listening”.

Headteacher, SENCO & Mental Health Lead | North Hertfordshire




Bespoke coaching and training

programmes are integrated into your current, real-time projects to optimise results, efficiencies and synergies. 


Our coach training approach, delivers hands on experience and knowledge transfer to learn, develop and up-skill whilst having immediate implementation impact and long term capability.


Programmes consider overarching and individual components of your business, work or personal life to optimise awareness, mindset and behavioural shifts holistically.

Our combined strategic and wellbeing expertise incorporates professional coaching, business strategy, leadership, coaching in education, neuroscience, NLP, DISC psychometrics, diagnostic tools, project management, mindfulness and emotional & mental health to deliver a truly holistic approach.


Our programmes and training modules are tailored to your requirements and scope.


We utilise online, face to face and

workshop modalities and provide  resources for ongoing support.


We collaborate with you and your teams to develop, facilitate, manage and implement projects.

  • 1-2-1 programmes

  • Workshops

  • Placements

  • Strategic projects

  • Retainer services

  • CPD requirements


Our framework incorporates a 3-step process which aligns your objectives and goals throughout the programme and modules for clarity and focus - and supports you from the diagnostic to the implementation phase.



Analysis, inquiry, research and diagnostic processes to evaluate and gain critical insight and awareness of data & results, operations, situations, values, principles, relationships, challenges and beliefs.



Clarification, goal and objective alignment to engage, develop and move forward with clear, efficient and synergistic strategies, mind-set and behavioural shifts.



Responsible, empowered implementation of short and long-term strategies, plans and actions, to consistently lead and deliver optimal outcomes and full potential in work and life.


Coaching is both a performance enhancing process and a behaviour which can be applied in many ways in our personal lives or business. 

Wheel Coaching works to support and challenge you to define your future business or personal life, transform the way you think, feel, see and do things and give you the skills, courage and confidence to implement strategies and succeed.


Coaching relationships work on a personal, bespoke basis, so each individual or business benefits uniquely. There are a multitude of ways coaching can be transformational:

  • Increased self awareness and self regulation

  • Focus, effectiveness and efficiency

  • Greater clarity and decision making

  • Mind-set shifts and meta awareness

  • Collaboration and trust

  • True purpose living

  • Engaged, living in the present

  • Transferable mind-set, physical and energetic tools and techniques

  • Greater confidence and self esteem

  • Enhanced mental and emotional wellbeing

  • Self development, learning and life skills

  • Synergistic behaviours and enhanced relationships

  • Improved performance and productivity

  • Personal empowerment and responsibility

  • Improved accountability and leadership

  • Freedom living and fulfilment


Business Coaching, USA

Kaplan Professional Education

"Beth is amazing. She has a wealth of experience and intelligence in strategy. Her energy level over the days (strategy development workshop) was unbelievable."

Personal Development Coaching, UK



“Beth encouraged me to think bigger, see past self-made barriers. She consistently promoted self-care and celebration of progress made. This strengthened my confidence and belief that I could decide my own path. I would highly recommend."

Life Coaching, UK



“Beth’s coaching has had a completely positive impact on my whole life experience. Thank you for your transformational and deeply grounded coaching which has provided me with such valuable and enduring additions to my toolkit for life.”